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Complex technologies and changing business environments are among the main challenges organizations face on their path to growth.  Understanding the complexities of the IT environment, we extend our system integration expertise to ensure that the technology is in line with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization.

Our integration services include consultancy, system integration and project smanagement of IT services that provide:

Application and Enterprise Systems Integration.
Business Continuity Planning.
Contact Center Infrastructure.
Data Centers.
Disaster Recovery Services.
Enterprise Management.
Network Integration.
Platform Integration.
Retail Automation.
Security Infrastructure. 

Our certified processes and over 22 years of service experience are reflected in the success we have achieved in executing projects. Strategic alliances with leading technology players further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are steady, scalable, smart, and innovative and result oriented for your business. Being a pure-play system Integrator, we deliver the best of breed solutions to customers with our vendor agnostic approach.


We Provide a single-point solution for complete management of the computing environment, spanning desktop/laptop support, complemented by a dedicated Service Desk. Our End-User Support Services are designed to cover the full life cycle and comprise a unified solution that includes,


Vendor Management

Maintenance of Vendor Database
Analysis of Performance
Co-ordination with Vendors

Deskside Managed Services (DMS)

INSYSCOM's Deskside Managed Services (DMS) is a lifecycle approach to managing laptops, desktops, multi-functional devices, printers and other deskside devices including non-IT devices spread across the globe. It is also an integral part of INSYSCOM's  Outsourcing Solutions.

The DMS delivery model combines concepts of remote management and automated tools to offer flexible & scalable solutions accommodating evolving technologies and changing market needs.

With innovative delivery models, green approach, zero-day attack framework and industry-leading growth, INSYSCOM DMS is a competitive service offering comparable to the best in the world. It enables its customers to be competitive by helping them device and implement customized Cloud and Virtualization strategies.

Deskside support services

Hardware break/ fix
Install, Move, Add, & Change (IMAC) Services
Remote Server Support Services
LAN/WAN (where applicable) Support Services
Shrink-wrap Software Support Services
First level Application Support Services
Enterprise Specific Support Services (where required)
IT asset Inventory Maintenance and Process Controls
Backup and Recovery Processes
Patch Management
Output Management
Asset procurement and Financial Management
Hardware Standards Establishment

Mobility Computing

INSYSCOM Mobile Computing service is centered on the belief that the future of enterprise computing is incomplete without mobility.  It stems from the fact that mobility is now crucial to productivity and the overall success of the enterprise.


Messaging Systems Management Services helps you get the most out of your applications across platforms, vendors and delivery requirements through a combination of highly skilled people, processes, technology and innovative delivery models, that ensures smooth functioning of messaging systems.

INSYSCOM offers cost effective, end-to-end IT services based on the best-shore model, leveraging technology alliances with world technology leaders including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, EMC and HP and stringent quality methodologies.

Messaging Services :

Messaging Monitoring and Management  :
- Monitoring messaging applications.
- Managing day-to-day messaging solutions.

Enterprise Messaging Services :
- Mailbox-base services - Subscription-based.
- End-to-end enterprise messaging outsourcing.
   * Hosting
   * Server infrastructure

Email traffic optimization and control
Site replication and mail optimization
Server and domain consolidations
Performance and trend reports
Email Archiving

email archive solution provides centralized, easily accessible and multi-functioning e-mail and IM repository to help organizations manage increasingly complex retention, compliance,
e-discovery and regulatory requirements.


Disaster recovery and business continuity services provide rolling 30, 60 or 90 days (or longer) windows allowing users to access their stored messages during primary system outages.

Single-instance storage. Instead of saving a message that goes to 100 people 101 times, Infocrossing archives only one copy of that message, saving organizations gigabytes of storage every week.

Flexible search. Infocrossing provides powerful, comprehensive and rapid search capabilities-by content, user or group, date range, or other criteria.

Fully compliant long-term storage, to store messages anywhere, including for disaster recovery.

Support for mixed media storage systems, including EMC Centera, CIFS/SMB/NFS compliant devices, and any device that has a file system driver for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 x86.

Full-text index of all archived messages-including header information, body contents, and attachment contents-across all storage media. "Double data encryption technology for long-term storage, which ensures contents of the archive are tamper-proof and secure.

Double data encryption technology for long-term storage, which ensures contents of the archive are tamper-proof and secure.

Permission-based access to other archives, enabling those given permission by IT to search and retrieve other employees' archived messages.

Complete audit trail, with message activity logs listing every action taken on a message since its initial receipt into the system, ensuring messages are not tampered with.


Lowers total cost of ownership compared to on-premise archive solutions.
Eliminates up-front capital investment.
Easily integrates with existing e-mail infrastructure.
Fully compliant long-term storage, to store messages anywhere, including for disaster recovery.
Enables a predictable subscription-based cost model.
Simplifies IT environment by eliminating deployment and maintenance of in-house archive servers and applications.
Allows IT staff to focus on other projects.
24 x 7 technical support
With INSYSCOML email archiving solution, organizations can use policies to easily and reliably archive messages, thus meeting the strictest government regulations and internal policies

Message Hygiene

Message Hygiene serves as the cornerstone of an efficient messaging strategy. It blocks unwanted email, protects intellectual property, ensures privacy, and reduces or eliminates liability due to HR-related issues.  INSYSCOM Message Hygiene provides both inbound and outbound content filtering.

INSYSCOM's managed email archiving solution helps organizations comply with legal and regulatory demands while improving email storage management and end-user productivity. By integrating messaging policy, archiving, supervision, advanced search and discovery capabilities, Infocrossing can meet all your archiving challenges while keeping your data secure, compliant, and fully searchable.

Content Filtering Features

Our Message Hygiene solution offers the following content filtering features,

Intelligent content analysis. Canned policies and rule sets can be supplemented by an organization's own customized rule sets and pattern filters.
A multi-layer approach to blocking undesirable content. Virtually eliminates false positives through Real-time Pattern Analysis, recipient verification, trusted and blocked sender lists, advanced attachment filtering, blocked recipients, and spam and pornography heuristics.
Real-time Pattern Analysis. INSYSCOM content filtering technology helps to identify both spam and viruses by proactively probing the Internet to detect recurrent patterns that characterize massive outbreaks. It helps eliminate false positives and detects spam in any language or format (html, text, image).
Anti-virus engine. Advanced virus scanning from Authentium.
Image analysis has unique URL-crawling capabilities which block images referenced through hyperlinks. It analyzes multiple features such as shape, color and texture.
Optional individual spam summary emails. This option is used to send a completely customizable spam summary email to each user so that users do not need to check individual quarantines.
Flexible user quarantine control. This offers users management of their own quarantines-setting preferences, adding trusted senders, blocking senders and releasing messages. All these capabilities are permitted by IT.
Permission access to other archives, enabling those given permission by IT to search and retrieve other employees' archived messages.
Maximum flexibility for administrators. It provides unparalleled control over inbound and outbound content through extensive use of policies and flexible permissions.
Outbound content filtering is completely customizable based on company policies. IT professionals can either use Infocrossing with its comprehensive corporate compliance lexicon or create their own set of outbound filtering policies. Any number of actions may be taken on filtered messages, including,
- Send to quarantine for review by IT or authorized personnel such as Human Resources or Legal
- Add a customized message, such as a disclaimer, to each email
- Create a log entry

- Delete message

- Send a warning message/explanation to the sender or recipient

Email Security

INSYSCOM strictly adheres to government regulations concerning privacy and security by protecting confidential information with its Secure Messaging solution. Email Security Service offers a scalable and reliable anti-spam solution for protecting enterprises from spam and viruses. With a fully distributed network and a guaranteed 99.999% uptime, we can deliver outgoing messages securely. This secure delivery can either be enabled by the user or managed by policy.

Email security is one of the multiple modules available in our suite of managed messaging services that integrates all facets of messaging management such as filtering, reporting, secure messaging, archiving, compliance and electronic discovery into a single system managed by policy. This provides organizations single point control on which messages to keep out, which messages to secure and which messages to store to retrieve later.

Email Compliance

Monitoring email for compliance with government regulations and internal policies has become mandatory in today's business environment. And, achieving regulatory compliance requires a highly scalable, filtered email archiving solution to address a variety of mandates from SOX, to HIPAA, to the NASD codes.

INSYSCOM email compliance solution gives Compliance Officers and their team ultimate control over regulatory and corporate policy issues in the messaging environment. Our solution enables Compliance Officers to review messages by content. It provides an automated work flow process to archive all messages to meet regulatory requirements and internal policy.

Email Compliance Features

  INSYSCOM email compliance features include the following,

Control of what gets reviewed and archived by using policy, which takes the burden of compliance off the end-user

Automatic age-based storage, which enables a message to be stored online for 90 days, for example, then to tape for 7 years

Permanent full-text index of entire archive-including header and body information-which vastly speeds compliance reviewer access to all archived messages

Review Queues for compliance reviewers, which enables efficient pre- and post-review
Ten detailed compliance reports for both incoming and outgoing messages, which eases compliance reporting by displaying results numerically in an intuitive graphical display
Support for various online, nearline and offline storage including EMC Centera; this reduces storage costs by as much as 90%
Various lexicons to support compliance efforts, including Corporate, Financial Services, & Healthcare
Complete audit trail on all messages to meet various government regulations
Multiple actions on messages, such as sending warning messages, which helps ensure compliance and provides flexibility

Hosted Messaging and Collaboration

Take control of life and get more done – with anywhere access.
You no longer have to struggle to keep pace with your business messages, even when you’re on the run. With Microsoft Communication Services from Infocrossing, you can now manage critical communications from anywhere, with your laptop, smart phone or PDA. Send and receive email to keep customers happy and vendors in line. Access Microsoft Office applications and line-of business applications to get your work done. And check contact lists, schedule meetings and coordinate tasks with your team. Suddenly, you’re back in charge.

INSYSCOM is now offering Version 4.5 of Microsoft Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, which includes Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1, and Office Communications Server 2007.   Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration (HMC) incorporates powerful Microsoft enterprise products such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 manages all real-time communications such as instant messaging (IM) and audio and video conferencing
Improved support for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 now includes Web-based OABs and resource mailboxes
Enhanced support for Windows SharePoint Services now includes multi-tenant People Picker functionality
Provisioning capabilities have been expanded by adding Microsoft Provisioning System (MPS) cross data store integration checking procedures and the Individual Information Worker (IIW) tenant model

provides superior, innovative and value added services across technology and product domains to enterprises worldwide, based on its flexible project delivery model and packaged services. INSYSCOM end-to-end network solutions and services help to build solid network and communication infrastructure for enterprises.

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